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jane_maura_ff's Journal

Rizzoli & Isles Femslash
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A community for Rizzoli & Isles Femslash
Welcome to jane_maura_ff!

This is the place for not only Jane/Maura femslash, but any femslash from TNT's series Rizzoli & Isles and the books written by Tess Gerritson that inspired it.

-All fic must have a header containing: title, author, rating, pairing, summary, and if necessary, warnings.
-All fic longer than 100 words, icon posts, picspams, or anything else space/graphics heavy must be placed under a cut or fake cut.
-Spoiler warnings are polite. Please use them at your discretion.
-If you are posting links/fake cuts to fanworks (fic, vids, graphics, etc) hosted on locked journals or communities, we ask that in order to advertise those works here, you leave the linked post open for a period of 24 hours or offer a substantial preview and note that it will be locked thereafter. This is merely a courtesy.
-Tag your post by genre (fic, icons, fanmix, picspam, fanart, rant, squee!, etc). And use !tag if there is a tag that isn't listed that applies to your post!
-No flaming and no character bashing!
-Have fun!


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