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kryssabelle in jane_maura_ff

Angie Harmon on Chelsea Lately

 Angie proves once and for all that being Republican does not make her homophobic.

And she's funny when she's drunk! :D

Go watch it: www.youtube.com/watch
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I'm thinking now would be a really good time to ask for a NOH8 picture.
wow... that was fast.
I got really confused for a sec there, thinking it was for one of my stories, and then I actually went to see what entry it was... from Angie you mean?
Yes to your question. Sorry for the confusion. ;)
So, wow. Who knew that this would cause such a controversy/discussion?
To put in my two cents worth, I have to say that I generally create opinions based on things other than political position and such (I just blanked on how to word that, so I hope you understand what I mean). I happen to admire Angie Harmon for her acting, her passion for being a mom and real life accounts of her behaviour as a regular person, instead of as a celebrity (as in from people who have worked with her or who know her personally).
And if I'm still sounding awkward, let's just say I like watching her act, and since that's the only contact I have with her (and likely ever will), it's good enough for me.
It's all good. There are things to like about Harmon, for sure. Even more to like about her show.
I need to drink more vodka.

lol for the gay friend sweating for her image because she's "come out" as a Republican. We need more subversion like this and less of the Harmon-bashing by humourless bigots.

Boy is that dress tight!

For anyone who has been following the, ah, discussion between laurel_hardy and scarimor, it has reached a point where I feel the comments are no longer appropriate for the forum, and have taken the liberties to delete them. Yes, this majorly depletes the comment count, but I think it's best in the long run. Other related comments will be deleted as well (sorry!), but again, I feel that such feelings are better off somewhere else. To those whose comments have been deleted, try not to take offence; I'm just tired of people ranting like they know what they're talking about (and if they do, good for them, but at least let us know of that fact first).
For the rest of you, no, I'm not an admin, and if an admin reads this and decides that my actions were either premature or unwarranted, I apologize. I do think that it was the right thing to do and at the right time. I'd rather not have someone come across this while innocently browsing, so it's going.
Thank you all, and take care.