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FIC: "Secrets," Jane/Maura, NC17

Title: Secrets
Author: geonncannon
Fandom: Rizzoli & Isles
Pairing: Jane/Maura
Word Count: 1,944
Category: PWP
Spoilers: None specifically
Disclaimer: They don't belong to me!
Rating: NC17
Summary: Jane has a secret. So does Maura.

Maura thought it was cute how secretive Jane made it. They had been sleeping together for almost a month when Maura nestled against Jane's side and whispered, "You know, it doesn't always have to be what I want." Her hand stroking Jane's naked hip. "What do you like?" And Jane had blushed and bit her bottom lip as she ran her fingers up and down Maura's spine. And then she had revealed what she wanted.

Tonight was the night they decided to play out Jane's fantasy, to do what she wanted. Maura was already in bed, and Jane was finishing up in the shower and getting ready for their night. Maura kept looking toward the bathroom door, smoothing her hand along the blankets, looking down at her lap and feeling a thrill of excitement. "Jane?" she said.

"Give me a minute," Jane said, her voice just barely above friendly.

Maura ran her hand over the bulge in the blankets again and finally couldn't help herself. She pushed the blankets back to look at herself, at the thing Jane had bought for her.

The dildo stood up from her hips unnaturally, rising and listing slightly to the left. They'd gotten a realistic looking toy, with a bulbous head and veins along the shaft. Jane had eyed the selection in the sex shop, her tortoise-shell sunglasses and hoodie concealing her identity as she skulked up and down the aisles. "Why do they have to look like some kind of science-fiction torture device?" she asked. She grabbed one box and crammed it into Maura's hands. "Here. That one."

Maura ran her fingers along the shaft and declared Jane had made an excellent choice. She hadn't been prepared for the power that would come with having one of these things. To be honest, she hadn't been thrilled with the idea of even wearing one. She had used toys in lovemaking before, and she had her fair share of the science-fiction devices Jane had decried hiding in her bottom drawer at home. But there was something about lying in bed with a hard-on that really flipped her switches.

She was about to call for Jane again when the bedroom door opened and Jane stepped out. Maura looked up at her and her lips parted in a silent gasp.

Jane's hair was down, and she wore a silky nightgown. The bodice was lace, as were the cuts that ran from knee to hip. In the thin spots, it looked as if Jane had wrapped herself in a spider web that was starting to come unraveled. Maura pushed herself against the pillows, settling against the headboard. She ran her eyes down Jane's body and licked her lips.

"You look gorgeous."

"Ugh, shut up," Jane said. She looked down at herself, her right foot rubbing her left ankle.

This was Jane's sordid little secret, her fantasy. For all her swaggering, baseball-playing, beer-swilling demeanor, she admitted that she wanted to be treated like a lady in the bedroom. She wanted to be ravished, adored, and she wanted to feel pretty. She had almost sneered when she revealed this to Maura, as if she was admitting some tawdry fetish. But she'd taken Maura's hands and said, "I don't mean I want a man, necessarily. But sometimes... I'd really like it if you would..."

"Be the man?" Maura whispered softly, and Jane shrugged. They had gone to the sex shop the next day after work.

Maura pushed the blankets down on Jane's side of the bed and softly said, "Come here."

Jane left the bedroom light on and walked across the room. She climbed into bed and lay on her back, and Maura leaned over her. She put her hand on Jane's neck and let it drift down to her chest. Jane closed her eyes and swallowed, settling against the mattress as Maura caressed her. Maura's fingers slid under the lace of Jane's nightgown to the curve of her breast, feeling the nipple and teasing it to erection.

"Mm," Jane whispered.

"You're gorgeous, Jane. So beautiful." She took Jane's hand and guided it between her legs. "Do you see what you do to me? See how hard you make me?" She wrapped Jane's hand around the dildo and Jane grunted. She adjusted her grip and began to stroke as Maura's hand drifted down to her stomach. She gathered the material of Jane's nightgown and pulled it up, exposing her thighs before she reached down to touch her. "What do I do to you, Jane?" Maura said. Her voice was low, hypnotic, and Jane's eyes were still closed.

"You make me wet," Jane said.

Maura touched her and sighed. "Oh, I do. Keep stroking me, baby. Make me nice and hard." She swallowed, wondering if she was going too far with the dirty talk. She pushed aside her doubts; Jane would tell her if it was too much. She slipped her free hand under the pillow and came out with a small black bottle of lubrication. "Here," she said softly as she flipped the cap. Jane moved her hand, and let Maura squeeze some into her palm.

Maura used two fingers on Jane, while Jane spread the lube across Maura's toy. She spread Jane open, stroking within using her middle finger, and the tendons in Jane's neck became taut as she held back a grunt.

"Are you ready for me, baby?" Maura said.

Jane said, "Yes," almost before Maura was finished speaking.

Maura shifted on the mattress, pulling out of Jane's grip. She eased Jane's legs apart as she settled between them, biting her bottom lip as she knelt and lowered Jane's legs onto her thighs. She pushed her hands over Jane's hips, under her nightgown, and she peeled the material away. Jane shifted on the mattress, helping Maura get the flimsy material up and off. Jane's heart was pounding and she struggled to keep her breathing normal as Maura's hands roamed. Jane had plucked and trimmed, going the extra mile to look exceptionally feminine for this night, and Maura's palms found every smooth curve and tight plane of flesh. She dropped her free hand to the toy and guided it forward. She looked down, watching as the head pressed against Jane's folds. Just a bit of pressure from her hips, and Jane was wrapped around the tip. Maura gasped at the sight, and Jane arched her back at the feeling.

"Don't let me hurt you," Maura said suddenly.

"You won't," Jane said. "Don't stop..."

Maura put one hand on Jane's hip and kept the other around her dildo, guiding it slowly into Jane. She had never done this before, was sure she was doing it wrong, but then Jane whispered, "Yes, Maura," and her confidence was restored. Her heart thudded loudly as she pushed deeper, filling Jane slowly, amazed at being so completely inside of her lover. It may have been just a harness and a piece of rubber, but she and Jane were connected now.


Maura risked letting go of the toy, both hands on Jane's hips now. She balanced on her knees and began to withdraw using just her hips. She watched to make sure she didn't accidentally slip free before she pushed forward again, and Jane growled. A literal growl, her teeth bared and her fingers grabbing Maura's arms. Maura didn't mind the grip, didn't care there'd probably be marks. She slid her hands down the outside of Jane's thighs.

She grew more confident, thrusting harder as Jane pressed her head deeper into the pillow. Her back was arched, presenting her breasts to Maura, and her neck was stretched out to entice Maura's lips. Maura wanted to kiss her there, to feel the pulse pounding against her tongue, but she didn't want to abandon the position she had found.

Jane dropped one hand, finding her clit and rubbing it with two fingers as Maura continued to thrust. Maura looked down at Jane and wished for an out of body experience. Hokum though it might be, she would have loved to see the sweat glisten on her back, to see Jane spread out underneath her, to see the strap running around her hips. To watch as her ass clenched when she thrust forward, and hear their intermingled moans and grunts of pleasure.

Because Jane wasn't the only one with a secret. Maura had never done this with a woman before, but it had always been her fantasy. To be the one on top, to direct the passion. She didn't even care about her own orgasm; she just wanted to drive another woman over the brink. And Jane, sweet Jane who was embarrassed that she wanted to be treated like a woman, had played right into her fantasies.

"Jane," Maura whispered. She lowered her head as far as she could without sacrificing the position. "Jane..."

"Maura," Jane said, and opened her eyes.

"You don't know how long I've wanted to do this."

Jane lifted her head off the pillow and kissed Maura. Their hips rolled against each other in a steady rhythm, Jane moving faster when Maura slowed down, and Maura picking up the pace when Jane's muscles tightened in anticipation. "Maura..." Jane whispered. "Don't stop." She laced her fingers together behind Maura's neck, bowing her own head, grinding against Maura's toy as her legs became a vice.

When Jane came, their lips met in a kiss that gradually became less ferocious and more passionate. Maura lowered Jane to the mattress, letting Jane's legs slide away from her.

"You didn't come," Jane protested as Maura pulled free from her.

"That's okay," Maura whispered. She rolled onto her back and began to unfasten the harness.

"It's not," Jane said.

"Jane," Maura said. She kissed Jane's lips and said, "That was about you. We both have a really early morning and, if we start again, we won't get to sleep for hours."

Jane had to concede the point, but she didn't look happy about it. She watched as Maura took off the strap-on and wrapped it in a towel to be washed later. She rolled onto her back, saw Jane still looked distraught, and kissed both cheeks before kissing her on the lips.

"I'm fine. Really, fine. We can take care of me another night. I honestly... just watching you... watching you get what you've wanted for so long? That was enough for me, darling."

Jane shifted on the mattress. "Yeah, well, still. Me going to bed satisfied and you putting off your orgasm for another night. I thought I was supposed to be the woman tonight."

Maura chuckled and said, "Were you? Satisfied?"

"Oh, Maura," Jane groaned. She kissed Maura's lips. "Always. With you, always."

Maura blushed and stroked Jane's hair. She pulled Jane closer, letting Jane rest her head against her chest. "This is what a man would do, right?"

"You're not the man anymore," Jane said. "You took your dick off."

"That's the best kind of man," Maura said.

Jane snickered and kissed the curve of Maura's breast. "You're Maura now. That's better."

They curled together, Jane's legs sliding between Maura's as their arms weaved together to pull the other woman closer. Maura was almost asleep when Jane whispered, "Maura..."


"What's your secret fantasy? What can I do for you?"

Maura started to tell her that they'd just lived out her fantasy, that being on top and taking charge was enough for her. But then a thought occurred to her. A passing fancy that refused to be ignored. She dragged her fingers up Jane's spine as she smiled, considering before she spoke.

"Well," she said softly. "There... there is one thing..."


You can't leave it there!!! That was sexy, and such an interesting point about jane wanting to be the lady

~laughs~ I couldn't think of anything that would be really good for Maura's fantasy, so I thought I'd leave it open to interpretation. Maybe there should be a poll. ;-D

I like the idea of Jane wanting to be feminine and soft in the bedroom. And making Maura be the aggressor is an interesting POV, I think. It was a lot of fun to write! :D

Re: !!

Thank you! :D
It's always fun to see Maura as the aggressor fics and this one was great! Hope we see more from you :)
It's fun to turn the tables and let others be in charge! ;-D Maura, I think, would relish the opportunity.
I liked the Agressive Maura/ Lady-like Jane scene in bed! I'm sure Jane feels that way, and we are always picturing her as the dominant one. I would say Maura is more dominant in those situations, hihihi.

You made me have contradictory feelings about the strap-on, but I ended up loving it. I think most women (if not all) want to feel that 'power' at least once in their lives. And I hate it because it's like admitting that a fucking dick is THE power, grrr...! Long live dildos!
It's an interesting thing to think about, whether or not Jane would be dominating. Because when she did go out with men, even disastrously (were there any other kinds of dates with men in Season 1?), she became a lot more feminine. IMO.

I'm glad you came down on the "like" side of using the strap-on! The dick may be the power, but the strap-on means that the power can be usurped. The only thing men bring to the table can be replaced by a leather harness and some rubber. And no risk of equipment failure. Win-win. ;-D
...I want to hear what Maura wants! There had better be a continuation!! Please? *whimper*

That was so well written, and so hot.
Awww, I'm going to have to eventually, or face the wrath of the R&I legions!
Aw, sweet and sexy, my fav combination :D